Family Pediatrics Eye Care and Eye Exams

Eyecare is a vital part of any family’s medical services. Routine check-ins for your family eye exam are the best way to make sure your family has an outstanding vision. Vision health is especially important for Pediatrics when eye health can change rapidly and catching problems sooner is more important. If you’re in the Lawrence, KS area, our staff at Curtis R. Anderson, O.D. are here to help you get the eye care your family needs.

Early Eye Care and Eye Exams

Being proactive with your family’s eye care is the best way to stay ahead of any potential vision problems. Correcting impairments or spotting more complex problems is much easier at earlier stages. This is especially true for children who are sometimes tricky to diagnose. 

Family Safety

Making sure your young children have the best vision they can is a great way to keep your family safe. Poor vision in children is a notable cause of injury. Children’s vision issues can be harder to diagnose than that of teens and adults. Bringing your kids by for regular exams keeps you on top of any future problems.

Comprehensive Pediatrics

Comprehensive Pediatrics for your child should include a robust vision plan. Just like with any aspect of their health, staying ahead of vision problems is easier the sooner they are detected. An eye exam is a great way to see if your child has any budding vision problems and get them on the right track for better vision.

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