If you work on computers, it’s safe to say that you spend a lot of hours looking at screens. You likely spend most of your day in front of a computer and that can have an impact on your vision. Computer vision is a type of syndrome that comes with a host of irritating symptoms. We can help you learn about how to treat this condition and relieve the symptoms. If you are experiencing the symptoms of computer vision and live in or around Lawrence, contact Curtis R. Anderson, O.D. to schedule an appointment.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Being on the computer so often forces the eyes to work harder than normal. When the eyes have to work harder, and they do so for many hours a day, it can cause several side effects. Some of the effects include having blurry vision or double vision, having eyes that are red and irritated, and eye fatigue. The eyes might start to sting or become sore. Computer vision can also cause headaches and shoulder pain. Your eyes may also become dry and inflamed.

Pain Relief

If you have painful, tired eyes after spending time on the computer, you may need to take a few frequent breaks for your eyes. It is helpful to take a break about every 20 minutes, but the break only has to be 20 seconds long. During that time, look at something that is at least 20 feet from you to give your eyes some time away from the screen.

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